South San Joaquin Irrigation District
Division 9 Irrigation Enhancement Project


What is the Division 9 Irrigation Enhancement Project?

The project consists of the design, construction and operation of a pressurized irrigation water system serving farmland within a portion of Division 9 of the South San Joaquin Irrigation District (SSJID). The project consists of a 19-mile network of pressurized pipeline, a water storage basin, a pumping station, a turnout at each participating parcel containing a flow control valve and meter, and a radio based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.


The project will enable the District to more efficiently deliver water to the participating farmers and monitor its usage, while eliminating operational spills.


Irrigation water will be supplied by SSJID's existing surface water supply system. This irrigation supply is currently distributed to Division 9 customers by an existing gravity system. Inflow to Division 9 will be redirected into the Project's eastern storage basin. Pumps at this basin will direct water into the proposed pressure system as demand warrants.


The pressure system will distribute water to Division 9 users through 19 miles of pressurized pipeline. The pressure system would be used for irrigation purposes during the irrigation season and will enable sprinklers and drip system customers to irrigate on a more flexible schedule. Additionally, flood irrigators will be able to receive volumes of water on a more reliable schedule.


What is the project duration?

The notice to proceed was issued to the contractor on July 18, 2011. The scheduled completion date is February 15, 2012.


How will I be affected?

There should be little service interruption to customers within Division 9. Notification will be given prior to construction commencing within your area.


Once construction does commence in your area, you will see and hear the contractor's crew and equipment. The contractor will be working Mondays - Fridays 7am – 4pm. (Due to the expedited schedule of this project there may be some Saturday work.)


It is important that SSJID customers and the contractor's crew are safe at all times during this project. To achieve this, the contractor will be providing traffic control allowing access around areas of construction to SSJID customers without hindering the progression of the crew. The contractor is also prepared to provide any other safety precautions in the area of current construction activity.


As the project progresses, the map on this website will be updated regularly showing project progression and the next area(s) of construction. Check the website regularly to see when the contractor will be in your area.


Who do I contact?

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc., is providing construction management and observation services for this project. With any comments or concerns please contact Erin Ritz at 209-406-9397 or


What area is being served?

This project will serve approximately 90 customers within Division 9 of the District boundaries. Please see project map for project area.